Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Greetings from Flathead County Library, Whitefish Branch, where this new bookie is getting ready to attend her first MLA conference - and it's a biggie - the Centennial Conference. There I'll search for the answers to all the newbookie questions such as: what do OCRL, MARC, ASLD, and about a jillion other acronyms stand for? Okay, I really have looked up some of those, but I forget by the next day. And, are librarians really radical and extremist? Is that just in politics, or do they have other behaviors? I can't wait to find out - by observing librarians "in the wild." See ya there

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Suzanne Reymer said...

I believe the current tag is Radical Militant Librarian. At least that's what the buttons say that the Parmly Billings librarians are wearing. I know there's a political meaning for extremist but somehow I've got extreme sports in my mind - so when I think of a radical extremist librarian I keep getting mental images of Jim Heckel doing aerials on a snowboard. And why not, Suzanne Goodman sky dives so we really do have radical extremists!