Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dedicated to My Heroes

We made it to Missoula and settled for the night at Goldsmith's Bed and Breakfast. "We" includes my husband, who just came off his ship . Bad timing for a conference!
Tomorrow he leaves, and I get to room with my fellow new librarian from Whitefish, Skeeter. Hee hee, it's going to be so fun!
We want to thank Our Heroes at Whitefish Branch Library for working while Skeeter and I get to come to the conference...Thanks Joey and Billie! Thunk those books!
Telling people I'm going to a Library Conference gets some hilarious responses. Everybody thinks we're all elderly females with our hair in a bun and chains on our reading glasses. "Oh, that'll be fun...watcha gonna do, read aloud to each other? Stay up until 8:30?"
Oh well, they don't have to know. And by the way, my reading glasses are on a really neat chain.


joey said...

who are those two good lookin' broads?????

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoyed meeting a couple of Whitefish librarians at the Missoula Public Library reception. I loved what you said about the reactions you got from home. One of my student library aides somehow knew. She has dubbed the event "Librarians Gone Wild." After the Cates event last night, I think she might be right!