Friday, May 05, 2006

Montana's Special Libraries

No one else has mentioned this seminar, and it was a good one. I didn't know that Montana has so many special libraries (55 mentioned during this workshop.) I love the way Jim Thull, librarian at the Renee Library, MSU Bozeman put it: "All things great and small, brilliant and idiotic, beautiful and ghastly, are housed and preserved for the benefit of ourselves and future generations" in the Creative Arts library where he works, and all of the special libraries.
The libraries reviewed are big and small, serve everyone, or only special populations such as the library in Deer Lodge Prison. Some of the libraries are up to date, such as the State Law Library And there's the other end of the spectrum: the Lingenfeller-Hansen Lending Library in Gold Creek is on a ranch, and consists of the original 22 books of the homesteaders - known as a "saddlebag library" because that's how they were transported.
Magi Malone facilitated this seminar, and would probably provide a list of the libraries to you if you asked. (I didn't check this with her first - hope you don't mind, Magi.)

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Hi Mary - thanks for your comments. I'd be happy to send the handout to anyone who would like it (email me at
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