Friday, May 05, 2006

The session this morning, Significant Tidings, was wonderfully informative and exciting: Montana librarians sharing their current research efforts!

Sheila Bonnard & Betsy Garlish shared adventures in virtual reference - reporting on the MLN Cooperative Reference Project, Ask A Montana Librarian

Samantha Hines discussed her pilot wiki - which she created as a new form of the traditional subject guide for the Journalism Department at the University of Montana-Missoula - check it out at

Donna McCrea, shared her efforts to quickly make archival collections available for researchers in a presentation titled, "Getting Maximum Results from Minimal Processing at the K. Ross Toole Archives" ( Donna, UM-Missoula's Archivist, showed her passion for improving the problematic backlog faced by many archives - using minimal processing - and moving collections into the hands of users.

Heidi Sue Adams, Medical Librarian at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, discussed "Implementing an Informatics Student Project in the Solo Library." She did an excellent project, utilizing a student worker and her idea, to reach out to the Center's nurses - interviewing them to discover what services they wanted from the Library, and responding to those requests through the development of a tailored web portal.

The session concluded with Elaine Higgins & Linder Schlang's work on UM-Missoula Mansfield Library's Diversity Committee. "How Diverse is Your Library?" The Experience of Mansfield Library's Diversity Efforts" explored the formation of a Diversity Committee at the Library (including defining diversity and the Committee's charge), programs the Committee organized for library employees on diversity, the in-house creation of a Diversity Cookbook, and the acquisition of display cases for the Library that often highlight diversity collections.

There is lot we can learn and share with each other in Montana libraries - this session made this point, poignantly.

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