Monday, April 10, 2006

Food and Drink in Missoula

We all have local favorites when it comes to food and potent potables. Let's share!

On Wired-MT, Barry Brown noted that there are 3 excellent micro-breweries in town:
  • Bayern
    A Signature Beer: Trout Slayer
  • Big Sky
    A Signature Beer: Moose Drool
  • Kettlehouse
    (a few short blocks from conference site)
    A Signature Beer: Old Bong Water
    (My favorite is Cold Smoke.)

    Missoula has taken Seattle coffee culture to heart. There are many independent coffee houses (and coffee cabooses) in town. Some of my favorite coffee places near the conference hotel include:
  • Liquid Planet
  • Butterfly Herbs
  • Bernice's Bakery
  • The Raven Cafe

    Some of my favorite restaurants near the hotel include:
  • The Old Post (try the cod tacos--you'll be glad you did)
  • SaWaDee (Thai food)
  • The Bridge
  • Uptown Diner
  • The Shack (terrific breakfasts)
  • Higgins Alley

    Please share your favorite restaurants, pubs, and coffeehouses in the comments section.

    Samantha said...

    I enjoy Knuckleheads BBQ over by Saint Pat's, but you have to be hungry!

    Steve McCann said...

    Best espresso in town is right behind the Kettlehouse brewery, at Le Petit Outre. (This is an incontrovertable fact because I have TWO citations ...)

    marydrew said...

    And for best, fast, cheap food: Taco del Sol 422 N. Higgins right next to the brick alley. They're constructing a new link ( with their menu posted.
    You can't beat the spicy potatoes for breakfast at Food For Thought at 540 Daly - or their peanut Thai pasta for lunch - except that it's too much food! I agree about the terrific breakfasts at The Shack - and a funky atmosphere to boot.