Friday, March 09, 2007

Bid on Dinner with Nancy Pearl

Let's start the bidding on Nancy Pearl. You are bidding for the opportunity to take Nancy out to dinner on Thursday, April 26, 2007. If you win the bid, you or your group are responsible to take her out to dinner, pay for her dinner, and have her back by 7:45 for the Cates Event. The money the winning bider(s) pay goes to the Cates Scholarship Fund. We are encouraging people to form teams to give you more bidding power...

Remember - this is a fundraiser for Cates - so bid 'em up!


Peggy Smith said...

UofA group bids $20.00 This is just the beginning!

Peggy Smith
Skyview High School

Suzanne said...

U of Washington alums and students raise the bid to $120. What a great opportunity for us to get together with Nancy Pearl and talk about Seattle!

Suzanne Reymer
UW MLIS 1999

Anonymous said...

You will have to talk amonst yourselves - UofA Bids $130!


Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson said...

Thanks to the posting on Wired yesterday, the Huskies were able to add another $30 to our bid for dinner with Nancy Pearl. That makes $150 from the Unversity of Washington alumni!

Anonymous said...

You won't get off that easy - Arizona Wildcats bid $170

Suzanne said...

Washington raises the bid to $180. And we actually have the money to back this up ;)

Peggy said...

Hmmm, never occured to me that some folks would bid with virtual dollars. - Arizona Wildcats bid $180 - real dollars!

Peggy said...

Oops I mean UofA bids $190
It's been a little wild around here so I am obviously not "on my game"

Suzanne said...

We added another participant so we're up to $200 now.

Peggy said...

Now we are talking serious money here. UofA bids $210

Anonymous said...

Book Club Interest Group
bids $240

Thank you!

Jean Nielsen
Karen Gonzales
Molly Klass
Jane Gardner
Beth Boyson
Mark Sherouse
Milla Cummins
Laura McMullen