Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What was your most challenging reference question

That is what we are going to talk about next. One virtual reference question that was a real challenge for me was from someone in Wyoming who wanted to know "what that purple flower was" in his yard. Gee, after pushing dozens of flower identification web pages to him I finally thought to suggest he go to his local extension office.

I just learned stuff about Google that I had not taken the time to explore before. Much wonderful stuff in the advanced search area. There is never enough time to really learn all the wonderful info that is available:(

One web site we talked about was , a great way to develop a portable bookmark collection and fined even more places you want to bookmark.

The below info was from the Business Resources part of the class by Christy donaldson
Ohh, I did not know the Occupational Outlook Handbook was online!

Note to self: Buy Business Plans Handbook, Gale Group and Small Business Sourcebook for library.

Some other good ref questions: Can you answer them?

There was this poem and he died

Is the house I live in a former red light house?

What's this dead bug I found in my washing machine?

Picture or plan for a turtle trap

What was a rest area in Mineral County named?

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